Welcome to the new, but same, site!  For those of you who have just discovered this blog, the original site, and the explanation of the wherefore of the move,  is here.

This final butterfly permutation is coming with me to Shuttlebirds.

victoria-in-color-4-001The thread is Flora 50, in medium and dark purples, paired with Yarnplayer’s size 50 HDT in Lavender.  The colors are more saturated than the scan shows, but I was not successful in tweaking them to my satisfaction in photoshop, so reverted to the original.

This trip is an opportunity to meet some tatters with whom I have been chatting online for more than a year,  and I am really looking forward to it.  That, and learning a lot of new techniques.  Oh, and shopping…

Expect photos and news of the workshop toward the end of the month.