For almost a year, I could not pick up the shuttles.  Not that there was any physical impediment – I had simply burned out on the relentless pursuit of perfection.   I could read about tatting; I could think about tatting; I could even help others solve the occasional tatting conundrum.  The work itself, I simply could not bring myself to do.  Not that the hands were idle:  there was knitting, and embroidery – just no tatting.

Of late, I had become curious as to whether I would even be able to tat after such a long hiatus.  After all, I was still pretty much a beginner when I stopped tatting.  How much will I have lost?  Just giving it a whirl did not seem too risky or scary.  Something quick and simple.  What’s the worst that can happen?  Another wad of thread flies into the trash can.  No big deal.  I had been perusing Mary Konior patterns when Kersti’s Stumpy caught my eye on Diane‘s blog.  “That’s it!” thought I to myself.

It really is just like riding a bicycle.  Without even having to think about it, I automatically loaded the right amount of thread onto a shuttle, placed a magic thread at the beginning of the first ring, and off I went!  Two hours later, I had this:

I’m baaaaaaack!  Heartfelt thanks to Carla, who messaged me periodically to make sure that I was all right; and Fox, who listened to my ranting and made encouraging and supportive noises; and to all my readers who have kept checking in here to see if there was any new material.  On more than one occasion, I was ready to delete the entire blog but, with an average of at least 10 visitors per day –  every day –  that didn’t seem right.

More soon…