Flora earrings by Elizabeth Zipay, tatted  in Lizbeth 20, color 627.

I’ve been listening to the general whine about the splitty nature of Lizbeth thread and would like to add the following observation to the ongoing discussion.  The thread is a lot less prone to splitting if one is tatting with a post shuttle with a pic.  It is not something that had bothered me in the past.  After my long break, I decided to resume tatting with bobbin shuttles and stay there until I was as comfortable with this style as I am with post shuttles.  Working single shuttle and ball does not really present a problem, because the twist of the thread seems to be reinforced by the action of the shuttle.  Where the splitty nature of the thread is really noticeable is when two shuttles, wound CTM,  are in play.  Inevitably, some amount of untwisting occurs in the course of the work, which allows the hook to insert itself between plies on the upward stroke, and also makes for ratty looking picots, and awkward joins.  Just as one allows the shuttle to dangle periodically, in order to release overtwisting that occurs while tatting,  I think that the same process might allow some amount of twist to be restored to the thread coming from the second shuttle.  Any comments on this would be welcome.  What works for one tatter, will not necessarily work for another.