This pair is destined for a local glass artist, whom I met in the context of the summer Art Studio Tour.  When I mentioned that I tat, she exclaimed: “My Grandmother used to tat!  I must tell her that there are still tatters around.”

It is a fact that if you: a) know what tatting is; and b) express  interest in, or even a modicum of enthusiasm about, the craft – you are either going to receive some tatting, or have a loaded shuttle thrust into your hand…or both.  Tatters are perhaps a little over zealous that way.

The thread for this pair is Lizbeth 20, color number 681.

The Flora earring pattern has the potential to be as ‘moreish’  as potato chips or popcorn.  I must tear myself away from it to tat something else.

Thanks for the additional comments on the matter of the quality inconsistencies of Lizbeth.  It would appear that they do vary by batch.  I have yet to encounter any slubs in my Lizbeth, but my stock also dates back to before September 2009.  There are a couple of Lizbeth colors that I really love (the pistachio green of these earrings is one of them) but, if the thread were to disappear from the planet, I would quickly adjust to using Anchor and Olympus in its stead (for size 20 applications).