and I can’t stop.

I blame Fox.  There I was, minding my own business – sampling a bit of tatting here, and a scrap of tatting there – when Fox reminded me that, in all my exploration of various techniques within the medium, I had overlooked roll tatting.  Puzzled as to what might have presented a challenge for her, I grabbed a scrap of blue thread and sampled ‘Lupin(e)s’.  When the thread ran out, I loaded a  bobbin with some variegated Olympus 40, and started in on ‘Acorns’ (both patterns are by Mary Konior)

Roll tatting is rather slow because much time must be devoted to managing the twist in the thread.  However, it appears to be somewhat addictive.  Who wants to join us?  I dare you to tat just one!

The pretty shuttle is ‘Fly Away’ from La Cossette – and I like it much better than the unaltered Aero.