If this poor snowflake appears somewhat battered and mangled, it may be because it suffered through  two thread breakages and a magic thread jam.  What should have been a pleasant and relaxing tat, degenerated into a harrowing battle that did not end well.  I have just remembered why I stopped tatting for the better part of a year: after hours of careful work, it is possible to completely ruin the piece at the very end.   No fault of the pattern, which is very well written and diagrammed.

Jane Eborall’s Flurry Snowflake in Tatskool‘s size 40 Coral Reef HDT, with some matte AB finish pale blue size 11 beads.   Coral Reef is really well suited to this pattern.

It is an odd quirk of my crafting temperament that I do not really enjoy combining beads with thread or yarn.  I worked exclusively in the tiniest of seed beads (all the way down to sizes 18-20) for a number of years before I learned crochet, knitting, or tatting; and have a  substantial stash of seed beads.  That said, I don’t derive any pleasure from crocheting, knitting or tatting with beads.  Having to interrupt the flow of work to pick up, or slide a bead, completely prevents me from getting into ‘the zone’.  Periodically, I give combining beads with thread craft another whirl – hoping for a better outcome…which continues to elude me.