These happy little critters are enjoying basking in the last of the afternoon sun:

The SSSCH spider is the product of a collaboration between Terry Nimmer and Jane Eborall.  A pattern that is quick,  easy,  and lots of fun.  The thread is black Flora 20 and, being prone to abrasion, it did not hold up very well to being repeatedly hauled back through the legs.  I had a couple of shuttle thread breaks before I learned to keep the tension a bit looser in the chains.

The SSSCH itself is a logical progression on the technique used in the second half of a Matthew Takeda single shuttle split ring, and will prove to be a very useful tatting device.  It was brilliant of Terry to make this leap, bringing us both an easy single shuttle split chain and a means of making a floating chain.  Remembering Anne Bruvold’s suggestion that a spare post shuttle be clicked into the loop of shuttle thread to make the formation of the stitches of the second half of the split ring easier, I did just that.  It speeded things up considerably.

It should not be difficult to add these sweet little spiders to clip bookmarks, or barrettes.  Once you get the hang of the floating chain, a spider takes less than an hour to make.  Before you know it, there will be spiders scattered all across your work area!