This bookmark was tatted from quick notes that I made about a photograph that appeared on the old eTatters site.  The original was tatted in size 80 thread (variegated pink and soft green).  The shape of this bookmark has always appealed to me immensely.  It seemed a good project for Yarnplayer’s
Luna and Purple in size 40.

If you recognize this as your pattern (with different stitch counts because I was winging it), please leave me a message in the comments, so I can give you proper credit and, if there is interest and it is not a violation of copyright, make the pattern available.

It was one of those projects that just came together: no muss, no fuss, no do-overs.  (How often does that happen?) A slight ruffling in the outer chains went away with a light pressing and one Aero bobbin of Luna in shuttle one was the exact amount of thread needed (8″ left after sewing in ends).  The size and placement of the outer chain picots do not  please me (too few, too small), but were in keeping with the original photo.  Something I would tweak in a subsequent version.