Netty and friends by Lace Lunatic
Netty and friends, a photo by Lace Lunatic on Flickr.

Anne Bruvold’s Netty the Newt, with pals Hetty, Letty and Betty. The green newts were tatted using single shuttle split rings and loop tatted rings; the orange ones were tatted using conventional split rings and self-closing mock rings.

Conventional split rings are, without a doubt, faster for me to tat than single shuttles ones – even though I use both ring types on a regular basis.  I also experience a little thrill as I flip my hand into the dead spider position to form the stitches of the second half of a conventional split ring (yeah, I know that sounds a little strange).  That said, the freedom imparted by being able to move around within a piece with a single shuttle allows enormous spontaneity in tatting.

Next up: a flurry of snowflakes from Sharon Briggs.