Priscilla by Lace Lunatic
Priscilla, a photo by Lace Lunatic on Flickr.

Here again, my rings needed to be tighter for the design to work. It was a great disappointment because, in process, it looked as if this charming 12-point star, with its tiny inward turned flanking rings on the outer round, was going to be a real charmer. It still has the potential to be in a re-tat.

In an aside: if these snowflake posts seem dry and lacking my usual enthusiasm, it is in part because it irks me to put photos of less than impeccable tatting up for all to see. By way of explanation, I must tell you that I wrote a brief review of ‘Tatted Flurries’ for the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild Newsletter, and promised to show some finished snowflakes here on the blog. I thought it would be much more useful for other tatters to see exactly where the potential pitfalls in the pattern lie; rather than my second or third attempt, which might be closer to perfect. ‘Might’ is the operative word – there are a couple of ‘road kill’ snowflakes yet to come! Ones that I doubt I could ever make work without changing stitch counts. That said, they were all a lot of fun to work.

Another day, another snowflake. Check back tomorrow!