This snowflake enchants me, in spite of its obvious tension issues.  I loved tatting it (with no fewer than 8 split rings per ‘arm’ , it was right up my alley), and I find the motif that joins the arms to be quintessentially ‘snowflake’.  I will make it again to get the central motif right.

Points - from part I of Tatted Flurries by Sharon Briggs

While uploading this picture, I could not resist adding one of my first attempt at Polly:

My sincere apologies for the file size to those of you with slow internet connections.  It has been long enough that I have forgotten how to streamline the photos for upload to WordPress (one of the reasons I have been generating my most recent posts from Flickr).  I didn’t want to put road kill flakes on Flickr: only a fellow tatter would understand that they are still beautiful, albeit flawed.

After this, I have just one more snowflake to show you from Part I of Tatted Flurries.  There is a 3-D one in progress, but it will not be ready for a couple of days.