While maintaining a thundering silence about what little tatting I have accomplished this year, it has only just occurred to me that this is my blog and I can stray off-topic if I want to.

For the past several years, I have maintained correspondence with an archivist who currently lives at the edge of the world in Wick, Scotland.  The exchange began over a mutual interest in knitted ganseys, but has evolved into an ongoing discussion of many topics.

In his spare time, Gordon has written a number of stories and novels (mostly in the fantasy fiction category), for which he has had difficulty finding an audience via conventional publishing houses.  Rather than let the finished books pile up on his computer, he has decided to start releasing them as e-books.  The first one: ‘An Inquisition of Demons’ was released on Amazon on Sunday, and is a free download through today (99 cents thereafter).

You can read about it on his blog, and decide if it might be of interest to you.  If you like the book, please spread the word.

I promise that some tatting will appear here before the mid-point of the year.  That’s the best I can do, for now.